Dec 4, 2016

Weekends in Manila are Always the Best

I spent last weekend in Manila since we needed to apply for our Marriage License, and it requires the personal appearance of the contracting parties. Good for me, since I will take any reason to hop on a plane and fly home any given day (this applies to promo rates lang ha, hehe).

Aside from the heavy traffic getting from Point A to Point B, which is making Manila infamous nowadays, I did spend some time catching up with friends. 

I met with some of my college friends last Friday and since most of them work around the Bonifacio Global City area, I picked Elias for our dinner get-together.

If you recall in one of Jose Rizal’s famous novels, Noli Me Tangere, Elias is a prominent character. As the restaurant’s name implies, they serve Filipino food -- and me being me, I will never get tired of eating Filipino food.

The restaurant is so pretty!
I later found out that Elias is part of Chef Florabel’s chain of restaurants. One of them is Crisostomo, which I tried years back when it started operation in Resorts World Manila. I remember I liked their food and they hadthese witty menu names.

We reached the restaurant around 5pm, and since it was too early for dinner, we were the first customers. I did liked the ambience of the place. It felt like being transported to one of Manila’s old houses.
Don Rafael
(Classic Crispy Pata – Deep-Fried Pork Leg with Garlic Sauce, Atchara & Soy Vinegar) Php 695

Sinigang Gomez (Sinigang ng Baboy sa Sampalok) Php 395

Tinapa Salted Egg Rice
Php 265

Adobo Rice
Php 265
and Pacita
(Inihaw na Tilapia stuffed with Onions, Tomatoes, Green Peppers & Pandan) Php 375

The food tasted familiar but in a good way; it was like eating at your lola’s house.

The takaw gang!
The next day, I met up with, Ate Crese, one of my high school friends who also became my roommate in Singapore. We decided to meet in Uptown Mall BGC and have lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, one of Bistro Group’s restaurants.

Chipotle BBQ Seasoned Burger, Tortilla Chips, Pepper Jack Cheese And Southwestern Ranch Dressing. Jalapenos And Pico De Gallo Replace The Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, And Pickle On This Burger.

A Large Flour Tortilla Loaded With Crispy Chicken Buffalo Tenders™ Topped With Our Signature Medium Sauce And Ranch Dressing, Rolled With A Blend Of Cheeses, Lettuce And Tomatoes.

Asian Zing and Sweet BBQ sauces
Takaw gang part 2!
The wraps are pretty good and serving size is quite big. I suggest ordering more buffalo wings and just sharing a wrap with a friend.

I notice that the restaurant choices in Manila are now beginning to get more variety. 

Does it mean Pinoys are becoming more adventurous when it comes to food?

Bonifacio High Street Central, 
7th avenue corner 30th street, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Buffalo Wild Wings
Uptown Place Mall, 
36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Nov 13, 2016

#FromMissToMisis: My Wedding Proposal Story

A lot of people do not know how JM and I met. Nine years ago, we met through a common friend on the social media site Multiply. JM had a Nokia 5310 cellphone back then, and I left a comment asking how it was as a phone. After a few months of being acquaintances, he asked if he can drive me home and it was a constant answer of no from me.

After a few more tries, I thought why not give him a chance, as he sounds friendly naman. 

We became friends for a few more months and had friendly dates from time to time. Then we hit a bump along the friendship road and decided to part ways. During this time that we were apart, we realized that we liked each other. 

So we got back together and as cliché as it was, the rest was history.

JM and I had talked about marriage a few years back but we knew we were not yet ready until we had a place of our own. So after the construction of our home, we knew that the next step was to get married. I was already doing research about weddings but nothing was concrete since JM had not formally asked me to marry him yet! 

On August 15, 2015, a week before my birthday and our house blessing, JM asked me to check out our master's bedroom. I was surprised that there was a bouquet of flowers in the bed. By this time, I was already expecting him to propose! I was so in the moment! 

Naiiyak na ako sa tuwa! 

When I turned around, he handed me a huge paper bag! Imagine my disappointment when I opened the paper bag and saw Judy Ann’s cookbook (which I loved by the way) as his birthday gift!!!! 

I did not show him how disappointed I was and said my thank you. 

Then he said, “Basahin mo naman yung card.” 

So when I read the card it said, “Hope you liked my second gift”

My legs were already turning into jelly and when I turned around, there he was, half-kneeling and asking me to marry him. 

My hair was a mess, I hadn’t showered yet, I was very sleepy since I just arrived that morning from Singapore, but my heart was so full. I was extremely happy. There he was, my best friend, asking me to marry him. Of course I said YES.

Nov 6, 2016

The Art of Doing Nothing in Bali Indonesia

We decided to spend our anniversary with a relaxed trip to Bali Indonesia. We did not intend to do any sightseeing, we just wanted to bask under the sun while lazing in front of the Indian Ocean.

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