How to Spot an Authentic Longchamp

Do you own a longchamp? Are you a baghag? 


Or are you in denial? 

Baghag or not there's a different happiness that a bag brings to a woman. I can attest to this one. 

Is it just me or there are a lot of girls like me who's going head over heels over longchamp? 

In a mall bathroom alone you'll be surprise that there are about 2-3 girls who carries a longchamp. Have you ever wonder if these are authentic or not? I did and I learned it the hard way. 

Before LePliage/Planètes took hype in Manila, I seriously wanted to get one. But heck on the price tag it carries, for some its cheap but for me its a lot to pay for a bag! 

So my frugal self bought a fake longchamp in greenhills. I paid about Php400 for it if I remember it right. I thought this would already satisfy my salivating self and not lust for longchamp anymore. But boy was I wrong! I did not stop salivating over the online photos of longchamp--this time real one. I kept on coming back at Rustan's just to take a look of their stocks. Yeah I was sick with frustration. I want to have one. Since I still don't want to pay a large amount of money, I settled with a navy cabas le pliage (cabas is the one that does not have zipper). That was the end of it. My new and original le pliage made me happy. I thought I would not need another longchamp for next X number of years. But boy yeah I was wrong again! My good friend Lee went to HK last year and was generous enough to be my personal shopper. It was a hard choice between the Special Edition Great Wall of China Le Pliage and the Raisin Planètes. I choose to go for the Planètes since I already have a Le Pliage.

Now enough with my LC drama and to the main point. If you want to buy longchamp online here are some tips on authenticating them: 

Longchamp is a French luxury brand. Jean Cassegrain founded the brand 60 years ago. Its previous line of work is manufacturing leather covering for pipes. The most popular longchamp line now are the Le Pliage and the Planètes, both made of vinyl and leather. The difference is that Le Pliage is foldable while the Planètes is not. Though Planètes uses a more thicker material than the other one.

It comes with the original paper bag and care card.

  • The care card shows cleaning guidelines for your longchamp.

  • The longchamp logo should be located directly above the snap. The logo of the fake one is usually not centered. It should be embossed and its outline should be engraved on the leather. Look at the back of the flap to see the engraving of the logo. The button should say "Longchamp 1948" and also has the longchamp logo inside the circle.

  • The inner side of the snap button should say ORIGINAL, PRYM, 6/4B.
  • The zipper must have the engraved YKK.

  • The zipper pull varies from one model to another. This is for the Planètes long handle.
  • The inner pocket is on the front but this varies from model to model. Most of the special edition LePliage/Planètes have the inner pocket at the back. 
  • The back should also have an engraving of the correct spelling of LONGCHAMP and the model of the bag (Sorry forgot to take photo).
  • The inner snap has a transparent plastic disc.

  • It should have a tag inside. Authentic longchamps are either MADE IN FRANCE, MADE IN TUNISIA or MADE IN CHINA. The series of numbers on the fifth line is the style number. There is also a care instruction on the last line.
  • The lining inside are cleanly sewn unlike with the fake ones.

  • Lastly, try to visit Rustan's (if you're planning to buy online) and take a look on the original LePliage/Planetes and notice its material because its far from the fake one. From this you'll easily spot a fake one. You'll also notice that the leather for the handles are thinner than the fake one. 
Hope I help you with this one:).

*All the infos above are based on my personal experience and through research. You may visit the longchamp website for their latest collection.

What to Do and Where to Stay in Boracay

Are you fond of the beach? You want to go to Boracay but do not want to spend gazillion amount of your hard earned cash? Impossible… not!
Boracay Island (according to Wikipedia) is located on the northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. The beach line itself is a 3km stretch of white sand -- love it!
There are 3 beach stations in Boracay. Station 1 is where the uber powdery white sand is mostly located. Station 2 is where night life is at its best, this is also where D-Mall is located. Station 3 is suited for the family with young kids because it’s a little away from the noise of Station 2.

How to get there?
By Plane. The fastest and easiest way to get to Boracay Island is by plane. You may choose to fly via Kalibo (uses Airbus. Additional 1.5 hour bus/shuttle ride going to Caticlan) or fly directly to Caticlan (uses smaller planes). There are different airlines that fly to Kalibo and Caticlan on a daily basis – see Cebupacific, Philippine Airlines and Airphilippines.
By Sea. Like what we did, you may bring your private car to Panay Island. Ride the RORO vessel on Batangas Port going to Calapan Mindoro (approximately 2 hours). From Calapan, drive down south going to Roxas Port (approximately 3 hours). Upon reaching Roxas Port board another RORO vessel going to Caticlan (approximately 4 hours). You don’t have to bring your car to Boracay Island, you may leave it in the pay parking near the Caticlan port (Php100-Php150/day).
After arriving in Caticlan, you need to ride another ferry in Jetty port going to Boracay Island (approximately 15 mins). Ride the tricycle going to your hotel/resort (Php100).

Where to Stay?
The hotel/resort will depend on how much you like to stretch your budget and how many you are in the group.
Since it's Peak season when we went to Boracay, hotel prices shoot up and most of them are already fully booked. After doing some research, I decided to Book Villa Camilla in Station 3 since it offers lower rate for its family room but still on the beach front. We got the Family Room A which has 2 queen size beds and 1 single bed. The beds are comfortable to sleep in but the bathroom somehow needs refurbishing. The resort also has a small pool/bar wherein you can take a dip when you get tired of the beach.
Here are some of the different hotels/resorts that you may choose when in Boracay. Remember to do RESEARCH --Tripadvisor is your friend.
If you have a bigger budget you may want to go here:
For a list of hotels/resorts, Click Here.

What to do?

There are a lot of beach activities in Boracay. You can easily get different packages from the manong along the beach. Here are some of the activities you may want to do: Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Sail boating, Kayaking, Boardsailing, Glass Bottom Boat, and Boating.
They say that Boracay is not complete if you don’t try out the yummy fruit shakes of Jonah’s. One branch is located in Station 1 just before The Grotto.
See the fire dancers. Walk to Station 2 at night and you’ll see fire dancers entertaining tourists. If you have the guts, you may take your picture with them while fire is in front/side of your face.
Enjoy the night life. There are a lot of bars around Station 2 that you may choose from. Experience live band and booze while on the beach. Though, most of the bars close at 11pm.
Shop. You may go to D-Mall for the usual pasalubongs—keychains, trinkets, bags, shirts and a lot more.
Enjoy the beach. Remember that you went to Boracay to have fun under the sun. So go ahead and put on that bikini and have fun fun fun!
Tip: You may also go to the fish market and get something that you can grill (ask the hotel/resort if they have and allow grilling) for you to enjoy a cheap but yummy grilled lunch/dinner.
REMEMBER: No smoking and littering on the beach.