Hong Kong DIY Trip Part 2 - The Ngong Ping 360 Experience

I wanted to see the Giant Buddha so on our second day, we headed to the Ngong Ping Village to visit the famous landmark in Lantau Island. 

How to Get There from Golden Crown?

Take the MTR Tsuen Wan line from Tsim Sha Tsui to Lai King, at the interchanged station Lai King change trains going to Tung Chung. You'll easily spot the arrow pointing the station where the MTR is headed. 

Since it’s not yet holiday in HongKong, the MTR very much looks like a corporate jungle. Trust me you’ll learn how to walk fast with these Chinese people.

When you get to the Tung Chung station, find Exit B and you’ll see the huge Citygate outlet, walk past it and you’ll see the entrance for the Cable car and the bus terminus. 

Since it’s still early we opted to ride the bus going to Ngong Ping and ride the cable car on the way back. We bought a package ticket (bus + one way cable car ride) for HKD98. 

You can also use your octopus card to pay for the bus and just buy your cable car ticket when you get to Ngong Ping Village.

The bus ride going up the mountain is scenic; you’ll be able to get a good sight of Lantau Island. My dad even joked that it was the only time he saw a banana tree in our whole stay in Hong Kong.

After almost an hour bus ride, we finally arrived at the Ngong Ping Village. It is a beautiful place indeed, very far from the busy scene in the city.

We got the entrance to the Giant Buddha and Museum + Lunch package ticket and started to walk these steps.

After visiting the Giant Buddha, we explored Po Lin Monastery.

After eating our lunch, we wandered around Ngong Ping Village and had a little soda break at 7-eleven because we were tired already. 

I went to the Ngong Ping 360 counter to exchange our vouchers for the Cable Ride. 

There are actually two types of Cable Car in Ngong Ping 360, the Crystal Cabin (has a glass bottom) and the standard cabin. 

Since the Crystal Cabin is pricier and scarier (for me) we opt to choose the standard cabin.

I think it was almost a half an hour ride to enjoy the beauty of Lantau Island. My family and I really did enjoy it. We even have half-scared half-laugh out loud moments whenever we see that the cable car is descending from a very high point.

After the cable car experience, we went to the Citygate outlet to check out some stores. I’ve seen in Kat’s blog that she was able to purchase wedge crocs here. Sad to say there were no more wedges when we went.

I also went to the grocery and bought a 2L Coke which is in a cute petite bottle! I also love that Hong Kong tries to eliminate the use of plastic bags by using paper bags or letting their customer pays (HKD0.50/bag) for the plastic bag. This initiative will promote the use of eco bags instead. 

We also went to Mongkok after CityGate to explore the place. It’s filled with shops, shops and more shops! They say that the best place to get your gadget fix in Hongkong is in Mongkok, we checked out Fortress and I'm happy to say that the Sony Walkman that JM wanted retails cheaper here compared to Manila. We bought a black and a green walkman and a 32G iTouch.

My mom wanted to eat fresh fruits but the price here are way too high compared to Manila so we decided to just skip it (We were able to score some fruits at Northpoint though, will blog later).

With tired feet we return to Golden Crown and called it a day.

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  1. Great pics sis especially the subway photo. Ang ganda ng kuha :)

  2. nice holiday trip.. hehe.. i love HK :P

  3. wow this looks great. i plan to head for hongkong sometime between june to september. would you be able to post details like the fees at the airport...transportation? hehe thanks in advance

  4. Haven't been to HK yet sis! If I can only print all your HK blog posts and bind it for a directory book I will! Haha! Thank you for this post. :)

  5. wow may special mention pala ko hehe

    glad you enjoyed your HK trip :)

  6. Thank you all for the visit! :) I'll try to add more details, kung ano pa ung narerecall ko :)

    @Kat: Of course! Sayang talaga gusto ko din ung wedge kaso puro mga flats na lang:(. Haha

  7. Love the pictures! That cable car ride must be amazing. :)

  8. Nice entry! My family and I are coming back to HK at the end of this month. If I may ask how much is the 32GB Ipod Touch in Mongkok?

    The Ngong Ping Cable cars is more stable compared to the small and old cable cars in Ocean Park.

  9. @Faith Thanks! :)

    @Sirenspeaks Yup the cable car really is more stable and larger than the one in OP, but we also enjoyed the ride in OP :). The 32G iPod is priced at HKD2288 if I remember it correctly :)

  10. Loving the pics, thanks for sharing :) Everything looks so cool & awesome! I hope to go on a trip with my family one of these days, hehe.

    ¤ blogniJANEL

  11. It is very helpful!

  12. hi sis...we're going to HK July 15-19...whole day ba dapat ang i-spend sa The Peak and then CityGate?

  13. Hi wanderblogger :). Di naman kailangan ng whole day sa sites na yan, just to remind you magkahiwalay na lugar yan ha. Sa Citygate, dumaan kami after Ngong Ping mga 1.5hrs lang kami dun, kumain lang. Sa The Peak naglunch at namili lang, mga 3 hrs lang :).

  14. thanks sis...naku excited na din ako...binabasa ko HK stories mo and kay Kat natutuwa ako sa mga directions info atleast di na kami magkakanda-ligaw-ligaw if ever hahaha

  15. tourist-friendly talaga ang HK. Super efficient ng MTR nila. Hindi ka maliligaw kahit first time mo lang kasi maraming signs :)

    I'm sure you'll have a blast there!

  16. hi.. pwede bang by bus nalang ang to & fro sa Giant Buddha.. in case we don't take the Cable car ( im afraid of heights kc).. and is there an entrance fee/tickets to the Buddha, without the museum?

    1. Hi mesh, yea pwedeng bus lang to and fro. Ganyan ginawa namin on my recent trip to hk kasi sarado nun ang cable car. Enjoy!

  17. san po nakakabili ng package ticket (bus + one way cable car ride) ?

    1. Hi denden, we bought our tickets on the actual cable car ticketing center. Go to Tung Chung station and take exit B. Walk past Citygate outlet mall and you will see the cable car ticketing office :)


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