Hong Kong DIY Trip Part 3 - The Peak and Star Ferry

Since it was holy week when we were in Hong Kong and our third day falls on Good Friday, I already jot down a church that we could visit, which is the St Joseph Church in Central.

From Golden Crown, ride the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central.

It was hard to locate the church (Yep I was not able to fully research the directions), there were 2 pinays walking before us so I asked them for directions. Luckily, they are also headed to the same church. Hooray! Most of the church goers are Filipinos, they even have mass in Tagalog.

On a side note, the church is just a few steps away from the entrance of the Peak Terminus. So if you already know how to get there, just walk past the Terminus and the US Embassy and you’ll see the church.

We stayed for a while in the Church and after which we decided to explore the area. Since we’re already in the Peak Terminus and the line is not yet that long (maybe because it’s still early, around 9:30am) we decided to go to the Peak already.

There are different ways to reach the Peak:

Option 1: Ride the tram going to and from.
Option 2: Ride the tram going there and ride the bus on your way down.

I have already bought our round trip tickets for the tram so we already have no choice, before I knew that it’s better to ride the bus going down for an added tour of the place (I learned this from a fellow Pinoy, whom we met at the Peak, who is based in Hong Kong).



We did not bother buying the Sky Terrace and Madame Tussauds entrance tickets because my dad asked us if we wanted to go there or just use the money for shopping. Of course you know what I picked.

For a detailed list of prices, click here.

Riding the tram is an adventure; you’ll have a good view of Hong Kong Island while the tram is inclined. Be sure to sit on the right side of the tram for a better view.

We spent most of day at the Peak, we had lunch at Tsui Wah Restaurant.

There were quite a lot of shops that you can visit.

It was already afternoon when we decided to go back to Central and ride the Star Ferry going to Tsim Sha Tsui. There were quite a few bumps during our ferry ride, which made my mom decide not to pursue going to Macau. I must say that the Star Ferry is far cleaner than what we have back home, RORO vessels, though I was not able to check on the toilet.

Hong Kong Island to Kowloon by Ferry will take approximately 15 minutes, if I remember it correctly. We decided to walk a little around the harbour before going back to Golden Crown and calling it a day.

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