Hong Kong DIY Trip Part 5 - Disneyland

When I was a kid, I had this Disney book called “Beauty and the Beast” and it was my favorite. Until now, I still love listening to its songs. Since it was my first time to go to Disneyland, I was as excited as a 5 year old kid. Imagine seeing my favorite princess! It felt like stepping into my childhood again.

How to Get There?

From Golden Crown, take the MTR’s Tsuen Wan Line to Lai King. Once there, change to the Tung Chung Line. Get off at Sunny Bay and ride the Disneyland Line going to the magical land.

I also bought discounted tickets from Ken of Golden Crown before we headed to Disneyland. This meant less hassle for us, and more time to roam around the park.

For an updated ticket prices, check out the Hong Kong Disneyland website.

At the Park

Upon stepping inside, you will be transported to a different world – one where only laughter and joy exist.

We stayed from 9am until 8pm in the park alone, and we were so happy because we got to watch most of the shows and the famous Disneyland fireworks. This trip really was one for the books. 

Here are the photos that I took during our magical day at Disneyland =)

My favorite princess!

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  1. Disneyland!! Wow. Mt friend just came back from there as well. I mean HK. :)

  2. Every girl is a princess! Cant forget how magical the feeling was when I 1st stepped here! ♥

  3. nice shots! i hope we can get back to Disney!

  4. lovely photos! wish i can visit hkd too!!

  5. oops sorry that was me on the previous comment.. forgot to leave my name and url :)

  6. Thanks for the visit girls!

  7. How much all you've spent for this diy?


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