We intentionally picked Monday to go to USS because we figured that most of the tourists will already be gone since the Grand Prix is already over and its a weekday so most people are at work. I must say that it was a good choice, the theme park is not that crowded when we went. Hooray! I bought our tickets in advance and took advantage of the Mastercard Promo Discount (20% off).

We wake up pretty early to be in time for the opening of the theme park. We wanted to cover a lot of ground. Excited much lang talaga kami!
The very expected shot with the USS globe :)
The theme park is divided into categories: Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away, Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci Fi City and New York. We checked out most of the attractions in each category. My favorite part of the theme park would be Ancient Egypt :p.

JM and I at Madagascar
Feeling princess haha :)

I love the golden USS globe.

Amazing show!

Did I say this is AMAZING? Haha

My favorite photo of us. I liked the Revenge of the Mummy ride, daming surprises!

This is the OH-EM-GEE look.

Was not able to ride this one, JM did and he super enjoyed it:)

Since we wanted to save on some things and lunch is pricey inside USS,
we went outside to eat at KFC. Super near lang:)

Photo with my favorite chocolate in the whole wide world!

After USS, we decided to watch the Songs of the Sea. It was good but I did not enjoy it as much as I was expecting. For me, you can skip watching this.

Excuse the super blurry photo.
It was a happy day for me and JM, we enjoyed our USS experience very much and wanted to go back again - and again :)


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  2. hey :) where and how can i buy the tickets using mastercard ?? 20% discount sounds great !!

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  4.  The credit card offers are usually all online purchases. :) You can check out the website.

  5. Glad you enjoyed yourself at USS and there were not that many people too. Nice! :)

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