JM and I had the chance to watch the Singapore Grand Prix 2011 live! We've been planning and saving up for this trip for 8 months. I am not a big fan of the Formula 1 but JM encouraged me to watch a few GPs before our actual trip. It was oo-kay for me, but when I set foot inside the actual event my heart was literally pounding --fast! Everyone was on cloud 9! The energy was infectious. 

The Singapore Grand Prix lasted for three days. The first day for practice (Friday), second day for the qualifying (Saturday), and the third day for the actual race (Sunday). We were on the Cebu Pacific's first flight to Singapore on a Friday morning (5am), we were already up by 2am! My advise is to be in Singapore a day before the GP for you to familiarize yourself around the place first and to get enough sleep.

Luckily, my parents are already in Singapore (for vacation too) before JM and I arrived so they fetch us from the airport with my dad's friend and they accompanied us to the hostel.

We were seated at the Bay Grandstand. This shot was still early so there are still unoccupied seats.

Some of the people behind making this GP very successful.

New love life. Jenson Button. 
It was hard taking decent photos from where we are because of all the "heads" haha.
The zoom zoom factor was unbelievable!
They let us walk on the race track after the race! 

Excuse the messy hair :)
I was not expecting that I will enjoy the race as much as I did. It was all worth it and made me want to go back again and again.

Wondering where we stayed to catch some snooze?

Since we spent almost Php8k/each for our GP tickets (bought from Red Rock Travel), we wanted to save on other things. We opted to stay in a hostel instead of a hotel. After hours of hours reading hostel reviews we decided to choose A Beary Nice Hostel situated in Chinatown. It was a good decision for us because the bed costs only SGD30/night (roughly PHP2k/night for the two of us) such a steal and it comes with free breakfast (cereal/toast/jam/coffee) and free wifi plus it was super near the mrt. The only downside is that you have to share room and bathroom with other backpackers, surprisingly these did not became an issue at all. The other backpackers were very conscious (no noise or whatever) of other guests and the room/bathroom is always kept clean. Although, if you are traveling with your family this is not an ideal place to stay.

Stay tune for my other adventures in Singapore :)


  1. Hi! I've followed your blog thru GFC.
    Hope you could follow mine too

  2. oohh, surely it's a great experience.  not a fan of drag racing or whatever ang tawag jan, pero i would want to watch a live race someday. adrenaline rush!

  3. Yup me too not a fan either pero super saya haha


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