This is my fourth year of working away from home. The past years were not exactly a walk in the park, but they were not that bad either.

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I still remember the day that I flew out of Manila. I couldn’t contain my feelings of both excitement and sadness. I was excited to embark on a new journey, but I was also sad that I would be leaving family behind.

The first three months away from home were the hardest. Homesickness hit me and it was real. You’ll have to do things by yourself. Neither your mom nor a helper are there to cook and wash dishes for you. Clothes do not magically clean and fold themselves. Rooms get dusty, and sheets need to be replaced. You’ll have to be strong and healthy, as no one will look after you when you get sick. Thanks to the Internet, I was able to call home every day and lessen the feeling of homesickness.

After the dust settled, I started to learn and adapt to my new life abroad.

I reconnected with former classmates as well as colleagues. You’ll be surprised how many friends you may already have working in the same foreign country as you are. Try sending them a quick message. I’m sure at least some of them would be more than willing to meet up with you.

After moving to five different apartments, I have met new friends and learned the value of pakikisama or camaraderie. We are all unique,but there will always be a common ground to talk about.

If you are planning to try out your luck abroad, here are some of the tips that I've learned:
  • Working abroad is not easy. You may meet a pleasant boss or a not-so-pleasant one. Don't get discouraged easily. 
  • Make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared for work. 
  • You are not only representing yourself, but you are also giving foreigners a general impression of what Filipinos can do. 
  • Improve your skills and learn new tricks, this will help you along the way. 
  • Admit your mistakes and learn from it. 
Singapore has been really good to me but I can't wait for the day that I will be packing my bags to go back home.


  1. Hi Mav! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I can truly relate to your post. I've been living overseas for 7 years now and I still find myself longing for home on most days. And like you, I also am looking forward to that day when I'm ready to say 'I'm outta here' and it's time to pack my bags and go back home :)

  2. @Jacqueline Enjoyed reading your blog, made me want to visit Taipei soon :). Yes in time, we can go home to our family na.

  3. Aww. I always thought OFWs are the strongest and they truly are! I envy you because you have the courage to live on your own :) I don't think I would be able to do that anytime soon haha


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