Bintan is a small Indonesian island which is an hour’s ferry ride away from Singapore. Hence, it became a favorite weekend getaway of some Singapore residents.

Superior Room at Nirwana Gardens Resort
We booked our round trip ferry tickets from Bintan Resort Ferries for around SGD 70. We left Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (Singapore) at 2PM and arrived at Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal (Bintan) at 1:55PM (Indonesia Time). There is a one-hour time difference between Singapore and Bintan. Hence, after the one hour ferry ride, we arrived at the same time in Indonesia.

There are different resorts in Bintan which you may choose from and we decided to book Nirwana Gardens due to its homey and relaxed look. The resort setting is actually similar to Crimson Mactan but the space is much more expansive.

From the ferry terminal, a shuttle bus brought us to the resort. The resort ground is pretty huge. There is an internal shuttle which can take you around the resort if you want to explore. 

We opt to book our stay at the hotel as it is closer to the pool and breakfast area. The room that we got has a garden view and was very cozy.

The next day, we decided to take the shuttle from the resort to Pasar Oleh Oleh, which is a quaint marketplace. Since it was raining while we were there, we were only able to have lunch and not able to properly walk around the place.

Garlic Chicken

Sweet and Sour Fish
We spent most of the time lounging by the pool as there was nice weather while we were there.

Pool area
Beach front
It was one relaxing trip indeed!

Helpful Tip: No need to change your Singaporean Dollars to Indonesian Rupiah as most of the hotels/restaurants in Bintan accepts Singapore Dollars.

Nirwana Gardens
Jalan Panglima Pantar, Lagoi 29155
Bintan Resorts, Indonesia
Telephone: (65) 6323 6636
Fax: (65) 6323 7717


  1. This place looks fabulous! I would love to try that garlic chicken too.

  2. This looks like the perfect quick getaway. Paradise :)

  3. Wow, the grounds of that hotel are amazing, from the greens to the pool to the beach. I could stay there all weekend without ever leaving!

  4. This looks like heaven! So peaceful, serene and relaxing. Thank you fo rsharing this post x

  5. The food looks sooo good. Looks like a great get-away, glad you enjoyed it!

  6. This looks so nice! Awesome place for a getaway!

  7. This hotel looks fabulous! I really do need to make it to Indonesia sooner rather than later.

  8. I live in Bali so I am already in Indonesia :) Thank you for this intresting post, I will make sure to check-out Bintan at some point :)

  9. I would love to visit this too because it looks like that it is not a crowded place. It also looks so serene and calm. I am not too eager about the food because I would prefer to eat grilled seafood or something not fried.

  10. oh what a lovely place to visit! I love hotels that have that homely feel to them! And that beach is just stunning :) great post!

  11. Everytime I am reading a blog on Indonesia, I am discovering a new place. And it looks as stunning as the previous one. I want to visit this one as well :)

  12. They accept Singaporean dollars? That's so cool! It's nice to have places like these to be so close to you. Perfect destination for a quick holiday break.

    1. Yes they do accept SGD kaya less hassle :)

  13. I love homey resorts too! The use of wooden accent (inside and outside) is beautiful and relaxing. The fact that it has a beachfront won me over too!!

    Abigail of

  14. That garlic chicken though!! it looks amazingggg!! :) And the house too ;)

  15. The resort looks like a great place to hangout or a weekend getaway with abundance of greens. Beach looks gorgeous too and less touristy.


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