A lot of people do not know how JM and I met. Nine years ago, we met through a common friend on the social media site Multiply. JM had a Nokia 5310 cellphone back then, and I left a comment asking how it was as a phone. After a few months of being acquaintances, he asked if he can drive me home and it was a constant answer of no from me.

After a few more tries, I thought why not give him a chance, as he sounds friendly naman. 

We became friends for a few more months and had friendly dates from time to time. Then we hit a bump along the friendship road and decided to part ways. During this time that we were apart, we realized that we liked each other. 

So we got back together and as cliché as it was, the rest was history.

JM and I had talked about marriage a few years back but we knew we were not yet ready until we had a place of our own. So after the construction of our home, we knew that the next step was to get married. I was already doing research about weddings but nothing was concrete since JM had not formally asked me to marry him yet! 

On August 15, 2015, a week before my birthday and our house blessing, JM asked me to check out our master's bedroom. I was surprised that there was a bouquet of flowers in the bed. By this time, I was already expecting him to propose! I was so in the moment! 

Naiiyak na ako sa tuwa! 

When I turned around, he handed me a huge paper bag! Imagine my disappointment when I opened the paper bag and saw Judy Ann’s cookbook (which I loved by the way) as his birthday gift!!!! 

I did not show him how disappointed I was and said my thank you. 

Then he said, “Basahin mo naman yung card.” 

So when I read the card it said, “Hope you liked my second gift”

My legs were already turning into jelly and when I turned around, there he was, half-kneeling and asking me to marry him. 

My hair was a mess, I hadn’t showered yet, I was very sleepy since I just arrived that morning from Singapore, but my heart was so full. I was extremely happy. There he was, my best friend, asking me to marry him. Of course I said YES.


We decided to spend our anniversary with a relaxed trip to Bali Indonesia. We did not intend to do any sightseeing, we just wanted to bask under the sun while lazing in front of the Indian Ocean.

Upon arriving at the Ngurah Rai International Airport (Denpasar), you’ll immediately notice that Balinese feel of the airport. Kudos to the Indonesians for improving their airport.

We booked Ping Hotel Seminyak via Agoda since it's cheaper, which included an airport transfer. As soon as we got out of the airport, the driver was already waiting for us. He was waiting patiently as our flight was rescheduled. 

The roads from the airport to the hotel is very similar to Manila’s provinces, think Laguna or Batangas. It took us roughly 30 minutes to reach the hotel from the airport.

Ping Hotel Seminyak is a charming semi-boutique hotel, it’s not beachfront but it was only a short walk going to the beach so we did not mind. We booked a Superior Room inclusive of breakfast. The size of the room is just right and it has a balcony which gives a direct view of the pool.

Our room had this lovely view of the pool
Very balinese design
The beach is not really for swimming but more for surfing as the waves can get really high. We spent hours basically doing nothing and just enjoying the cool breeze of the ocean.
What a lovely view after a day of doing nothing!
We found one restaurant by the beach, called La Plancha, which serves good food which is why we dined there almost all nights that we were staying in Bali.

It was a short but very relaxing trip. Looking forward to coming back and exploring the other tourist spots Bali has to offer.

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