A lot of couples nowadays are having their prenuptial photo shoot before getting married. It feels like this is the "in" thing to do now before walking down the aisle.

We initially wanted to skip this, as we were pressed for time and it will be an additional expense for us to rent a venue for it.

On the flip side, we thought this may be a good way to break the ice between us, our photographers, and our makeup artist. In hindsight, it was a good thing we did this, because it was easier to work with them during our wedding day. We already had a "practice" of the poses that we need to do, and we had developed a good working relationship with them.

Since we had our prenuptial photo shoot in September, we opted for Studio Namu in Quezon City as our location. It is an indoor venue, so that we did not have to worry about rainfall.

Here are some of our favorite photos from the shoot:

4F Sir Thomas Sq Bldg. 
18 Matalino St. Diliman QC
Quezon City, Philippines
02-263-1376 02-928-3180

*All photos are taken by DigitEyes Photography


On the day of my arrival in Manila for our wedding, my mom asked me to accompany her to her friend’s birthday party in Makati. 

So after the dance rehearsal for our wedding, JM drove my Mom, Tita Juliet and me to the condominum in Makati where the “birthday” party was supposedly happening. Little did I know that my college barkada, my sisters Mary and CJ had prepared a surprise bridal shower for me.

While walking towards the unit, I could hear familiar laughter behind the door, and when they opened it, it was so funny that we did not know if I was the one surprised or them.

We stayed overnight at the condominium and it felt like 2006 all over again. Making chismis all night long until 12midnight (since we are all very “titas of Manila” already and needed a good night’s sleep). It was just like how we were in college, pretending that we were doing projects when we were just really making chismis (oops).

Thank you to my ever-supportive sisters Mary and CJ, my mom and Tita Juliet.

Thank you to my wonderful barkada who have been with me for over a decade already and have seen my best and my worst days. Cheers to more years of fun and laughter!

*photo credits to my friend Mean


A few weeks before I flew to Manila for our wedding, my friend Crese told me that she and Albert were flying to Singapore for some errands. They wanted to meet me minus our Singapore gang. I wondered why at first, but agreed to meet with them.

We met around lunch time and Crese asked me to accompany her to meet someone who lives in Clementi. We took an Uber to Clementi. I already had an inkling of what’s happening because the Uber driver said our destination, which happened to be the area where my officemate lives.

Upon arriving at the condo, I saw two of my girlfriends wearing dresses and flower crowns. It was a very sweet surprise from my Singapore girlfriends, and we had games and drinks that night.

A very big thank you to my Singapore beshies for organizing the surprise bridal shower.

Here are some photos from my Singapore bridal shower:

"The Singapore Crew"

*photo credits to my friend Doreen

How To Apply For A Marriage License In Parañaque City

The marriage license is a document which authorizes a couple to get married. Note that this should be one of the last documents you prepare, because it is valid only for 120 days. In other words, you should get your marriage license within the 120-day period before your actual wedding date.

Image credit
Since both JM and I are Parañaque residents, we need to apply for our marriage license in Parañaque City Hall. 

Before going there, make sure that your requirements are all complete for a hassle-free transaction. Different municipalities may require different requirements so, make sure to check with your Local Civil Registry (LCR) office.

For Parañaque residents, here are the requirements if both groom and bride are 25 years old and above:
  • Original and Photocopy of NSO-certified birth certificates 
  • Original and Photocopy of CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage)
  • Original Barangay Clearance
  • Personal Appearance
  • At least one of the applicants must be a resident of Parañaque
  • Attend a family planning seminar (we provided a photocopy of our pre-cana seminar with family planning certificate, instead of attending the seminar at the city hall)

My mom was able to secure my NSO-certified birth certificate and CENOMAR through SM Business Center. My husband opted to request it via the e-Census website and have it delivered to our home; this is more convenient, and multiple documents can be requested in a single batch transaction, but more expensive as well.

Three months before our wedding, I scheduled a flight home so that we can apply for our marriage license already. 

Upon reaching Parañaque City Hall, we were directed to go to the LCR Office. The staff checked our documents and gave us an application form to be filled up in three copies. The form has two columns to fill out, one for the groom and another for the bride. 

Upon completing the form, we were requested to have it notarized. There are notary public offices outside the city hall just across the street, so no need to go farther. We paid PhP50 for our application form to be notarized.

Then we went back to the LCR office to submit our notarized application form. She checked again our documents and instructed us to pay PhP200 at the cashier. Then we went back to the LCR office to show our receipt. She indicated in the receipt that our marriage license will be ready for pickup after ten working days.

If I remember correctly, it took us 30 to 45 minutes to complete the marriage license application. 

Kudos to a hassle-free transaction with Parañaque City Hall.