Mar 14, 2017

Our Prenuptial Photo Shoot at Studio Namu

A lot of couples nowadays are having their prenuptial photo shoot before getting married. It feels like this is the "in" thing to do now before walking down the aisle.

We initially wanted to skip this, as we were pressed for time and it will be an additional expense for us to rent a venue for it.

On the flip side, we thought this may be a good way to break the ice between us, our photographers, and our makeup artist. In hindsight, it was a good thing we did this, because it was easier to work with them during our wedding day. We already had a "practice" of the poses that we need to do, and we had developed a good working relationship with them.

Since we had our prenuptial photo shoot in September, we opted for Studio Namu in Quezon City as our location. It is an indoor venue, so that we did not have to worry about rainfall.

Here are some of our favorite photos from the shoot:

4F Sir Thomas Sq Bldg. 
18 Matalino St. Diliman QC
Quezon City, Philippines
02-263-1376 02-928-3180

*All photos are taken by DigitEyes Photography


  1. Hi sis, ang ganda! I love it! Ang cute nyo ni hubby with the strawberry. Candid na candid!

    1. Thanks Joy! Super enjoy kami sa shoot na yan :)

  2. I think I saw Studio Namu featured on a TV show before. Having prenup photoshoot is something that we did not have when we got married more than a decade ago. Di pa uso. But it's very nice to have that...


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