On the day of my arrival in Manila for our wedding, my mom asked me to accompany her to her friend’s birthday party in Makati. 

So after the dance rehearsal for our wedding, JM drove my Mom, Tita Juliet and me to the condominum in Makati where the “birthday” party was supposedly happening. Little did I know that my college barkada, my sisters Mary and CJ had prepared a surprise bridal shower for me.

While walking towards the unit, I could hear familiar laughter behind the door, and when they opened it, it was so funny that we did not know if I was the one surprised or them.

We stayed overnight at the condominium and it felt like 2006 all over again. Making chismis all night long until 12midnight (since we are all very “titas of Manila” already and needed a good night’s sleep). It was just like how we were in college, pretending that we were doing projects when we were just really making chismis (oops).

Thank you to my ever-supportive sisters Mary and CJ, my mom and Tita Juliet.

Thank you to my wonderful barkada who have been with me for over a decade already and have seen my best and my worst days. Cheers to more years of fun and laughter!

*photo credits to my friend Mean

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