A few weeks before I flew to Manila for our wedding, my friend Crese told me that she and Albert were flying to Singapore for some errands. They wanted to meet me minus our Singapore gang. I wondered why at first, but agreed to meet with them.

We met around lunch time and Crese asked me to accompany her to meet someone who lives in Clementi. We took an Uber to Clementi. I already had an inkling of what’s happening because the Uber driver said our destination, which happened to be the area where my officemate lives.

Upon arriving at the condo, I saw two of my girlfriends wearing dresses and flower crowns. It was a very sweet surprise from my Singapore girlfriends, and we had games and drinks that night.

A very big thank you to my Singapore beshies for organizing the surprise bridal shower.

Here are some photos from my Singapore bridal shower:

"The Singapore Crew"

*photo credits to my friend Doreen


  1. That was a sweet surprise. You are blessed to have girlfriends like them. Best wishes!


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