A few months ago, my friends and I scored a SGD50 round trip AirAsia ticket from Johor Bahru (JB) to Kuala Lumpur (KL). Since we wanted to relax during the long weekend, we grabbed the cheap seats sale. 

The distance of Senai Airport in JB from our house in Singapore is around the same distance to Changi Airport, so it was okay for us to board the plane from Senai Airport.

Come Friday, our scheduled departure, we woke up early for our 11:20am flight, since we were anticipating the heavy volume of the people wanting to cross the Singapore-Malaysia border.

We met our friends around 7AM at the Kranji MRT station to board the CW1 bus to Singapore immigration. There was already a long queue at the bus stop and the attendant was warning people that there was a traffic jam in crossing the border. Finally, at 7:45AM, we were able to board the bus.

CW1 Bus at Kranji

We were still quite a distance from the Singapore immigration when we noticed the traffic was no longer moving. 

We decided to alight from the bus and walk. Lo and behold, it was pure chaos at the immigration office! We were already anticipating that we will miss our flight but we still tried our best. 

We were able to exit Singapore around 10am. We were supposed to board the bus to cross the bridge to JB for the Malaysian immigration, but the queue was very long. We decided to step up and walk the bridge towards JB.

Never had I imagined that I would be walking the bridge connecting Singapore and Malaysia!

Singapore Johor Bahru Bridge

After we reached the Malaysian immigration office, we had to queue for 30 minutes more before finally being able to enter JB. From where we were it was still a 20-minute drive to Senai Airport.

Since we already missed the bus that we booked going there, we had to buy new tickets. JB Sentral to Senai Airport via the Causeway Link bus costs 8RM. There was a taxi driver offering to drive us to the airport for 20RM each. Since we knew that Malaysian taxi drivers are notorious for price gouging and we had missed our flight already, we declined his offer and took the bus to the airport.

Upon reaching the airport, we asked if we could take the next flight. However, the next flight was full already, and the flight after that was very expensive at 100SGD++ for a one way trip.

Since we no longer had a choice, we decided to take the bus to KL. We ate first at Marrybrown and booked an Uber towards Larkin terminal, which was also in JB. We were lucky that there was still an available bus to KL leaving at 2PM.

Marrybrown Senai Airport

We made sure to wait for the bus at its parking bay so that we will no longer be left behind. By 2:30pm we had boarded the bus and were en route to KL. It was a 5 hour bus trip from JB to KL so we tried to sleep along the way. We reached KL around 8pm and had dinner at Kenny Rogers Roasters at BTS.

Bus to KL

Then we booked an Uber to bring us to our AirBnb and called it a night.

It was a day of adventures, running and circling around. 

It was very tiring, but having friends around made it more fun, and the experience was definitely one for the books.

Stay tuned for the activities that we did while in Kuala Lumpur!

**some photos were taken by my friend Chona.


  1. What an adventure! Glad you made it safe to KL! :)

    1. Thanks Jacq! Worth it naman yung pagod kasi maganda dun sa napuntahan naming water park :)

  2. The 15hr trip from Singapore to KL Hahaha but at the end of the day, the KL skyline saying 'Hi!' to us was kind of worth it. Can't wait for the next adventure Mavie

    1. Longest trip from SG to KL! Haha next adventure, land down under!


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