Wedding planning was not as easy as we hoped it would be. With proper research I am glad that most, if not all, of our suppliers have performed very well. As a way of giving back to the communities which helped us plan for our dream wedding, JM and I have created our supplier’s reviews. We hope this can be of help to future brides and grooms.

Church: St James the Great Parish 9/10

Ever since I saw the church of St. James the Great, I felt that I wanted to get married in this church someday. So when we were planning for our wedding, I only had St. James in mind. However, since this church’s reservation rate is pricey, JM and I had to look for alternatives which can accommodate our budget. We were considering St. Jerome Emiliani, also in Alabang, or St. John Bosco in Makati.

Days and nights passed, but I still could not get this church out of my head. JM and I talked about it and we decided to book it without getting its in-house floral arrangements as it was an additional cost for us.

It was a good thing I listened to my husband and let go of the flowers; we were lucky that the altar had flowers on the day of our wedding. That’s instant PhP17,000 savings for us.
The only problem that we had with them was the unclear scheduling of the Pre-Cana session.

Also, some of our suppliers were required to attend an accreditation seminar for familiarization with the parish’s rules during the wedding proper.

St James the Great Exterior

St James the Great Interior

Reception: Palms Country Club 10/10

The account manager assigned for our event was Raissa Velarde. She was very accommodating and very efficient: she replied promptly to our emails and text messages and kept track of the numerous changes that I requested.

We initially met with Raissa in January 2016 to discuss which package and menu we will be getting. Since we intended to get outside suppliers for styling, lights and sounds, she advised us to book Package A, and we can deduct from the package the items that we will not get.

The moment that JM and I arrived from the church on our wedding day, Raissa was already waiting to offer us drinks. She also instructed the waiters to prepare our meals at the holding area before we entered the reception for the program. She made sure that we were well-fed before we faced our guests so that we could fully enjoy our reception.

The maitre’d (head waiter), Darwin, was also very conscientious. He made sure that the leftovers were packed into two groups to be split between the groom’s family and bride’s family. He also prepared two sets of takeaway food for JM and I to eat at the hotel after the reception program.

Overall we loved Palms Country Club from preps until our wedding day. It looked like our guests did, too, because they were raving about the great taste and the quantity of their food.

The wedding cake was part of the package from Palms

Photographer and Videographer: DigitEyes Photography 10/10

DigitEyes Photography was one of our favorite suppliers. Ever since our prenup photoshoot, their crew was very easy and fun to work with. Ms Bheng was also very prompt and very patient in replying to all my questions.

One of their photographers, Dom, arrived with my makeup artist at around 9am and was able to take a lot of shots while I was being prepped up. The rest of the team arrived around 10am. They already have a system on how the flow of the photographs should go, so the shooting crews could act independently with minimum supervision and make the most of limited time. They were busy taking photos of the gowns, invitations and other wedding paraphernalias.

Dhynn and Dom are very good in giving directions on how to pose for the kinds of photos they want to shoot with you. When we got the raw photos, there were over 5,000 of them and we loved each and every shot. To this day, we have difficulty in narrowing them down to 100 for our wedding album.

We also loved how our Same Day Edit video turned out. They were able to capture all the emotions on our special day, and we are very thankful for that.

Hotel Preps: Bellevue Manila 10/10

There are a lot of hotels in Alabang which you can choose from for your wedding preps. However, I really liked Bellevue because it is very spacious and they allow photoshoots in the common areas without extra charge.

Mhec, my makeup artist, warned me that the bridal room should be spacious because most of the suppliers and entourage will be at the bride’s room during preps. This is why I booked a Junior Suite for me and a Deluxe Room for JM.

Overall, we did not have any issues with Bellevue and they were kind enough to grant some of my special requests.

The following photos are from The Bellevue Manila

I love their bed!
Living Room
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