May 6, 2017

Tokyo Day 1: Arrival in Narita and Walking Around Kamata Area

For our honeymoon, we initially planned to go to the beach and lounge around. However, since we wanted to maximize the vacation leave that I took from work, we skipped the beach and decided to book a 7-day Tokyo holiday.

JM is a big fan of anything Japanese, so when I brought up the Tokyo honeymoon idea with him, he responded with a big thumbs-up sign.

Our Cebu Pacific flight was initially scheduled to depart at 6:30am on a Monday morning, but was moved to 5:20am. By 3am we were already at the airport. Upon arriving at the check-in counter, I was surprised that our flight was rescheduled back to 6:10am. Cebu Pacific had sent me a rescheduling email that our flight was moved a few hours earlier which I did not see.

We arrived in Tokyo at 11:30am (Japan time). After clearing immigration and customs, we looked for the Narita Express (NEX) counter just outside the arrival gate. We booked for a round trip ticket to Shinagawa for ¥4000 each, which was good for us as it covered our hotel’s location in Kamata. The return ticket to Narita airport can be used on our departure date.

The next stop was to look for a pocket Wi-Fi. Just a few counters away from the NEX counter was J Wi-Fi. We got a 7-day pocket Wi-Fi for ¥7000. You will have to return the pocket Wi-Fi to the counter before leaving Tokyo.

Tokyo Pocket Wifi
Pocket Wifi
Then we headed down to the platforms to look for the train that we are supposed to board.

This is the start of our journey on the confusing train system, haha! I let JM figure out where we are going and just went with the flow.

Narita Express
Aboard Narita Express
Make sure to check your boarding pass for your seat and car number. The train platforms have signs of which car number stops at which spot, so that it will be easier for you to board the train.

The cars are decoupled from other cars as well when the train reaches a certain destination, so make sure that you are seated at your designated seat.
The Narita Express from Narita to Shinagawa took approximately 35 minutes.

By 12 noon we were already in Shinagawa and we transferred trains to Kamata.

By 1pm, we were already at Hotel Mystays Kamata, which was our home base for our honeymoon. 

Kamata Japan
Just outside Kamata Train Station

Kamata Japan
Walking towards our hotel
Kamata Japan
More walking
Kamata Japan
See my big smile? I am ready to see what Tokyo has to offer!
We ate lunch at a nearby ramen place and went to stroll around the area for a bit before going back to the hotel.

Kamata Japan Ramen
I did not understand a word, I just sat and ate haha!
Kamata Japan Ramen
Eating lunch at 3pm
Kamata Japan Ramen
Japanese feels
Kamata Japan Ramen Bowl
First bowls of Ramen for the trip
Since we hadn’t had enough rest yet from the wedding festivities, we did not schedule any activities on our first day and decided to just rest at the hotel.


  1. Hello! I thought the train stations in Japan are now friendlier to tourists in preparation for the 2020 Olympics? Anyway, from your photos, the environment looks very clean! Did you enjoy the dishes you ordered? I hope you had fun exploring The Land of the Rising Sun! :)

    1. After a few days, you'll get used to their train system. You just have to look carefully as some of the trains share the same platform for different destinations or some are rapid (skips some train stations).

      We super enjoyed all the food, no doubt about that :)

  2. Wow, it's so exciting to go on a honeymoon to Japan! I love anything and everything Japanese. Haha! Would love to read more of your adventures there.

  3. Can't wait to read your next posts sis. Travelling is one of the things I want to do when we finally have free time and budget too. Hopefully that would be next year. Enjoy our stay there.

  4. I would really love to visit Japan. I just don't know when, hopefully soon. I saw some blogs about Hanami ang ganda! Did you guys visited the Nara Park to sakura?

    1. Unfortunately we only stayed in Tokyo (since gusto namin ng relax trip) and di na kami pumunta ng Kyoto/Osaka/Nara. Maybe next time na lang if budget permits hehe.

      You'll love it there Joy, lalo ang food (iniisip ko palang, nagugutom na ako ulit) hehe

  5. I love Narita Express! But the Tokyo subway is another story... sobrang stressful nya we have to rely on our subway app all the time, kundi naku magkaka walaan talaga hehe!

    1. I let my husband figure out saan kami pupunta, nakakalito naman kasi talaga.
      We also loved Narita Express, ang comfy din ng seats :)


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