After having a good night’s sleep the previous night, we woke up full of energy as we prepared for our first touristy day in Tokyo.


Our first stop was Shinjuku, one of the major economic hubs in Tokyo. Before boarding the train, we bought a Suica card (similar to Singapore’s EZ link card) which you can use to ride Tokyo’s mass transportations.
Suica card
From Kamata, we boarded the JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line Local for OMIYA and transferred at Shinagawa. We then transferred to JR Yamanote Line (Outer loop) for OSAKI and got off at Shinjuku. 

While walking around Shinjuku, we came across Bicqlo which is a collaboration of the electronics store BIC Camera and clothing giant Uniqlo. The first floor and all other floors above ground are Uniqlo, and the lower floors sell Bicqlo’s electronic products.

In front of Bicqlo Shinjuku
I was complaining to JM about the lens cap of my camera, which you need to take off every time you are going to shoot, which is why he suggested for us to buy an Olympus LC-37C auto lens cap and Bicqlo was just the right place.

There is also a bike shop that JM wanted to see, so we walk further to Y’s Road, which is a large chain of local bike shops.

It had expanded compared to JM’s previous trip in 2014, the two nearby shops now growing into three in the same building. One was dedicated for road and mountain bikes and servicing; another for the recently popular cyclocross and adventure/gravel bike segment, and a last one called “Wear” which is solely for cycling-related apparel like shoes, jerseys, shorts, and rain jackets.

Bikes everywhere

My husband trying to decide which one to get


After some more walking around Shinjuku, we decided to head to Harajuku for lunch. We took the JR Yamanote Line (Inner loop) for OSAKI and got off at Harajuku. 

Just right beside the signage of Takeshita Street is Yoshinoya.

Since JM and I are fans of this fast food joint, we decided to have our lunch there. After lunch we walked around Takeshita Street which is famous for all things kawaii

Freezing in Takeshita Street
There are also a lot of stores selling Anello bags which are very popular in Manila and Singapore nowadays.

There are also some cosplayers walking around while we were there. Takeshita Street is also famous for its crepes. 

Cold weather plus warm crepe is just the perfect combination while in Harajuku. 

Choosing which crepe to buy
Japanese girl cooking some crepes
While in Harajuku, we wanted to visit Meiji Shrine so we consulted Google Maps and it pointed us to a long route. Unfortunately when we reached the gate it was already closed for the day. 

The long route to Meiji Shrine

However, something amazing came out from this long route that we took: We came across a couple of cherry blossom trees which are already starting to bloom - in the middle of February, a good two weeks before the established “sakura season”.

I can still remember asking JM if the flowers were fake. But when we touched the flowers they were definitely real. 

So pretty!


Since it was starting to get dark already, we decided to head to Shibuya. We hopped on the JR Yamanote Line (Inner loop) for OSAKI again and alight at Shibuya to see the famous Hachiko statue and the Shibuya Scramble crossing.

Shibuya Scramble Crossing

It was getting so cold and windy while we were in Shibuya so after dinner, we decided to call it a day and headed back to our hotel in Kamata.

Did you enjoy shopping in Takeshita as much as we did?

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  1. Yay! We were also in Tokyo during the cherry blossom season. This makes me miss Japan so much! We also tried the crepe in Takeshita and masarap nga! :)

    Ganda sa Japan no? <3


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