A few months ago, my friend Chona invited me and Albert for a free bonding day at Wild Wild Wet in Pasir Ris. I have never been there, but some friends told me that it’s like Adventure Cove in Sentosa.

We arrived at around ten in the morning; just in time, as there were not much people and no queues for most of the slides.

The first slide that we rode was the Royal Flush. We figured that since we have already rode the Vuvuzela in Sunway Lagoon, this ride will be easy-peasy. Boy was I wrong! I got scared because my position in the raft was one that went to the highest point of the slide. Nevertheless, my friends still managed to trick me into riding it again.

After that, we tried another raft ride which is the Ular-lah. This one, we enjoyed very much, as it is a relaxing ride and we were able to ride it multiple times.

The rest of the day was spent lounging in the pool.

I would love to be back here with my husband so that he can try the scary slide too, haha!

Have you been to Wild Wild Wet Singapore? What was your favorite ride?

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  1. Nice!! I will definitely add this on my list when I visit SG!

    Bloghopper from GT!

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