After sharing my experience on how I obtained my Japan Visa from Singapore, I realized that most of my readers are from Manila, so I am sharing as well how my husband applied for his visa in Manila.

Unlike in Singapore, applying visa from the Japan Embassy in the Philippines must be coursed through a travel agency. My husband picked Voyager Travel and Tours Inc to process his visa application, since they also processed his visa the last time he went there.

Here are the requirements for employees applying for a Japan tourist visa, that my husband prepared and submitted:

  • Original Passport
  • Visa Application Form (
  • Two pieces. 2”x 2” picture with white background
  • Birth Certificate - Original NSO copy (latest)
  • Marriage Contract - Original NSO copy (if applicable)
  • Daily schedule in Japan (this was provided by the travel agency)
  • Original Bank Certificate
  • Photocopy of Income Tax Return (BIR Form 2316)
  • Original Employment Certificate
  • Payment of PhP1800 for visa processing to the travel agency

It took only five days for my husband’s visa to be processed, and the embassy was kind enough to grant him one good for multiple entry within five years.


  1. Madali lang pala. I hope meron din nagpaprocess sa Cebu pero I guess thru agency din. Husband wants to visit Japan din kasi. Thanks for sharing.

    Yay bago na theme ng blog mo. Nag self hosting kana ba?

    1. Meron yan for sure :). Go na kayo sa Japan, naku super enjoy lahat ng food! Tska hindi nakakatakot dun magikot ikot :).

      Hehe blogger padin, nagpalit lang ako theme. Namamahalan padin ako sa self hosting eh hihi.


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