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I always get jitters whenever I need to apply for a visa. It feels like someone is scrutinizing you and trying to find any fault just so they have a reason to deny you.

For a Filipino passport holder like me, I need to apply for a visa for most of the countries on my travel list, and one of them is the US. I figured that it would be better to apply for my visa this early, while I am still in Singapore, since I have already established my career here. That way, the consul has less reason to deny me, haha! The US Visa Application process is similar in Singapore and in Manila, so no need to worry about that.

Here are the steps that I did for my application:

STEP 1: Pay the Visa Application Fee

You need to do this before you can schedule an appointment. I opted to pay via the SAM machine here in Singapore.
  • Print a copy the deposit slip. Since I am applying for a tourist visa (B2), I printed a copy of the deposit slip for USD160. You may check this link for the deposit slip ->
  • Go to a SAM Kiosk
  • Select Pay Bills - Others
  • Select CGI (If you are unable to find this, there is an option that says “MRV US Visa”)
  • Enter Amount (Note: if you do not enter the correct amount, your application will not be activated)
  • Proceed with your payment.
  • When asked, I also opted to have an email copy of the receipt sent to my personal email.
  • A receipt will be issued upon completion of the payment transaction.
Keep your receipt, as the consul might look for it during the interview.

STEP 2: Complete the Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form.

Once you submit your DS-160, you will no longer will allowed to modify it, so be careful and be very sure that you are ready to submit it.

STEP 3: Schedule your appointment

Create an account and schedule your appointment.

STEP 4: Go to the embassy on your scheduled date and time of interview.

I booked an appointment for 7:45am last October 25, so that I could be out of the office for just a couple of hours.

I arrived at the US embassy at around 6:30am, and there was already a queue in the waiting area. There is a lady that will check your passport, appointment letter, and photo. She will also ask what immigration status you are holding in Singapore, and she will note that on your appointment slip.

Then they will let you go through the X-ray machine at the guard house. They will ask you to switch off your mobile phone, and leave all your electronics, power bank, cord, earphones and tokens at the guard house. They will then give you a number, and you can use this to reclaim your belongings after your appointment.

You and your handbag will need to go through the X-ray machine before you can enter the embassy. After that, you will have to walk towards the visa processing section, wherein you need to go through another X-ray machine, and your handbag will be manually inspected by the guard. Be sure to leave all your electronics on the guard house before you enter the embassy; otherwise you will be asked to go back to the guard house.

Once you are inside the visa processing section, another lady will get your passport and put a identifying sticker on it. You will be directed to window 2.

At Window 2, the clerk will check your passport and photo, and will give you a queue number. Next is Window 3 where biometrics will be collected. Then you will queue up at Windows 4 or 5 for the interview. It may be frightening as you can hear the consul interviewing others, but just stay calm and answer as truthfully as possible.

Here's what the consul asked me, as far as I can remember:

Consul: What will you do in the US?
Me: Vacation with my husband.
Consul: Does he have a visa? 
Me: Yes
Consul: Where is he and what is his work?
Me: *answers*
Consul: What is your work?
Me: *answers*
Consul: Do you have relatives in the states? Where?
Me: Yes. *answer the state* but we will not go there.
Consul: Where are you going then and whose relative? 
Me: *answer*
Consul: How long have you been staying in Singapore? 
Me: 5 years
Consul: What is your work? (again)
Me: *answer*
Consul: How long have you been staying in your work?
Me: 5 years
Consul: Let me see your bank statement and employment pass.
Me: *hands over my bank statement and employment pass*
Consul: Your visa is approved and you may collect it on Monday.
Me: Thank you :)

Surprisingly, the next day, my passport with my visa arrived at the office.


  1. Yay! Congrats! I hope they granted you 10 years multiple entry visa. :-)

    1. Yes! Yan naman ang next ipon and ayos ng itinerary haha :)

  2. Just got ours recently. Nakaka-pressure. Ang daming gusto puntahan. Hahaha

    1. Yehey! Time to plan na :).

      Kami ni hubby baka 2019 or 2020 pa hehe :)


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