As the hometown of Mozart, Vienna is often associated with talented musicians. I was able to witness this with our recent trip to this beautiful city.

While walking along Karlsplatz, we saw a lady skilfully playing her harp; on the way to the Schönbrunn Palace, we passed by an old man playing his flute; and on our last day, there was a man playing his accordion on the metro. It was truly a feast for the ears!

Since we did not take any tour packages for this trip, we mostly found ourselves aboard Vienna's very efficient mass transportation.

Airport to Fourside City Center Hotel

From the Flughafen Wien (Vienna Airport), there are a few options to reach the city center. Our choice was between the CAT express, or the S7 train of the S-bahn. 

The CAT express will take you directly to the city center for EUR11 per person, while the S7 train will take you to the city center with a few stops in between; the trip will cost EUR7 per person.

We arrived in Vienna at 9am on a Sunday. After clearing immigration and claiming our baggage, we looked for the OBB terminal to purchase our S7 train tickets.

Upon purchasing your ticket, you will have to go down the platform and wait for the train. Once the train arrives, you just need to board; no need to validate your ticket. We then alighted at Landstrasse, and changed to the U4 train to Langenfeldgasse, the station nearest to our hotel. The OBB ticket is good until your final destination; no need to purchase a new ticket when changing trains.

Going Around

With trains, metros, trams and buses all over the city, commuting in Vienna is not as complicated as compared to our trip in Japan.

The transportation in Vienna is very convenient and tourist-friendly. They sell tickets good for a number of hours of use, which can then be used in any of the mass transportation.

There are no turnstiles when entering the metro, and it basically works on an honesty system. 

You may purchase your tickets at the metro station. Just choose the UK flag for instructions in English, choose your desired ticket, and insert your payment.

After buying your ticket, you will see a blue validator machine where you need to validate your ticket so that it can be stamped with the time of entry. There is a fine if you are caught without a ticket or a non-validated ticket.

We purchased 48-hour unlimited ride tickets for EUR14 per person, which only needs to be validated once. It was worth it, as our hotel was outside the city center, and we kept on going back and forth. We were also able to ride the tram, which goes on a ring road with the famous sights of the city.

Since we only had 48 hours to spend in this beautiful city, we tried not to squeeze so many things into our itinerary. Surprisingly, we were able to cover many of Vienna's famous tourist spots.

We hopped on the U4 metro line towards Stephansplatz. Upon exiting the station, we were greeted by the enormous and breathtaking view of St. Stephen's Cathedral, commonly known as “Stephansdom.”

We walked through various alleyways and found ourselves mesmerized by the beautiful architecture of Vienna.

Here are some snaps by my husband on our leisurely walk along Vienna's city center.

I was glad that we picked Vienna as the first stop of our two-week European honeymoon as it was very beautiful and relaxing.

Were you also as mesmerized as I was when you visited Vienna? I would love to hear your stories.

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