Who doesn’t love weddings? Two people are cordially joined together. And they’re starting a new chapter of their lives with all their closest friends and family members there to witness it all happening. I swear, anyone who thinks that this event isn’t magical or breath-taking must have a problem with accepting the idea that there is, in fact, a happily-ever-after meant for everyone.

No worries, I’d be praying for your lonely old soul to find the love it’s been bitterly longing for.

Anyway, that should be enough talk about non-believers of true love for today. After all, we’ve written this article not for those who are afraid of inviolable commitment, but for those who are ready to plan the best day of their lives. And when you think of wedding plans, draping is usually a thought that comes to mind – at least for organizers!

Behind every great wedding is an even greater wedding planner. What would seem like magic to the bride, groom, and attendees is in reality, backbreaking work for them. The wedding itself may be splendid and awe-inspiring but the process of making it happen is all but pretty. A great wedding plan is a product of talent, novelty, and hard work – all of which, the best wedding planners possess.

But do you know one other thing that makes a wedding planner all the more ideal? A superior knowledge in draping, that’s what. The draping designs, after all, are responsible for building most of the event’s atmosphere. Needless to say, getting the draping layout of the place wrong can impact the overall experience of the wedding negatively. And that will surely NOT help the couple get a good start in their new life as husband and wife.

As the wedding planner, it is your responsibility to prevent this from ever happening. It is your obligation to create the necessary conditions for an event to make a lasting impression in people’s hearts. Thus, it is also part of your job to make yourself the best wedding planner you can ever be. And you can start by getting a wedding draping course.

Top 3 Things You Can Never Learn Without Properly Attending A Wedding Draping Course

Material Selection
Sure, YouTube videos are creating a culture where everything can be learned through a screen – for free. While I have nothing against learning through one’s own efforts, there are simply things that are difficult to learn on your own. If we’re talking about draping, the challenge would lie on material selection.

Offline and online resources can teach you which materials to buy and where to buy them from but if you personally don’t know why a material is good or “not good”, then you’re very much at risk of falling into marketing ploys. Contrary to this, taking a course on draping helps you learn the skill to its very core. This will allow you to think more objectively, become more innovative, and definitely more cost-efficient. You’ll know what types of materials are best used for different occasions and what other alternatives you can use in place of expensive materials. Familiarizing yourself with the basics of draping will eventually lead to wiser product purchases.

You wouldn’t be buying something because someone tells you to. Instead, you will be buying it because you know for a fact that it is indeed the right thing to buy.

When you’ve taken a wedding draping course, you’ll know how to price your services better. Now, you’re not only a wedding planner, you’re also a draping designer! This means you’re a complete package. It is only right that you get paid accordingly.

By taking the course, you gain more knowledge about pricing trends that circulate in the draping industry so you get to price your services right. Not too cheap nor too expensive – just right!

To check out the current cost of drapery services, click here!

Handling Clients & Schedules
When you’re into event planning, you always need to brace yourself for the unexpected. Things can look terribly calm it’ll make you feel worried, or insanely hectic it’ll make you want to quit being a planner. Planning and organizing weddings is a freelance sort of business, there is always a period of drought and a time for heavy rain. The key to being successful in this line of business is to know how to entice clients when there is little to no profitable activity going on for months and learning how to keep things at bay when simultaneous events keep piling up.

More clients mean more business – but it also means more stress. Learning techniques on how you can manage your time and schedule events right is a perk that comes with taking up a wedding draping course.

Many schools offer wedding draping courses, one example being SA school of weddings - event draping course.  We’re not really telling you to rush into making the decision, just give it some thought. It’s a pretty good investment; better get it while it’s still hot.

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