About Me

Oh hello there! I’m glad you found your way to this little project of mine.

I’m Mav, a corporate slave on weekdays, and an aspiring writer on weekends. 

I started blogging back in 2008, but as some would say, life just got in the way.

Then one day, I realized that I missed writing and sharing about my experiences and little happenings in life. That’s why I have revived this online space of mine as an outlet of my random musings thus the name mavdiaries.com 

I basically just write about anything and everything under the sun - food trips, travel adventures, our wedding, or even money matters.

I aim to help my readers with the reviews and tips that I share.

Join me as I take the front row seat of this roller-coaster ride called life. Who knows, you might learn something new along the way!

You may email me at marivieduran@gmail.com.

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Maraming Salamat! :)